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1. Photomanips = still not art

2. Must hire a hacker to eradicate XNAlara from the face of the Earth for ever

3. Must stop letting deviations pile up because it means I only see more of 1 and 2 - bad for blood pressure

4. What has become of blood pressure medication? What? What??

5. Really should start drawing again

6. Found it.
  • Listening to: Hallucinations * In the Nursery
  • Reading: Amazing Spider-Man #2
  • Watching: G.I. Joe "Cobra's Candidate" for the 200
  • Playing: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Eating: M & Ms
  • Drinking: Caf-Pow


Made In Heaven
United States
Current Residence: "We'll be at Tucker's, darkening his outlook on the world."
Favourite genre of music: 80s music, chillout, ambient, metal, it's still rock and roll to me.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Zune, 80 gig
Wallpaper of choice: A Japanese fanart of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy from the second Resident Evil game
Favourite cartoon character: the entire cast of "Danny Phantom", "The Fairly Oddparents", "Kim Possible&
Personal Quote: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."


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Danny-Art-project Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Merry christmas hope you are having a wonderful time in this year.
Super-Sav-Berry Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Hi Firsestar. I've left a message a few years back. Stating how I loved your art and stories. I was pretty much a spazz, probably because I had the mind frame of a twelve year old.

I've been a fan of Danny Phantom since it came out. I related to it a lot because I was the same age as Danny. And I know, that we both know the show's series finale happen a few years back. But recently, I want to say since 2010 people have been trying to keep the fandom alive. I'm not so sure if I'm accurate it with that though.

But the point that I'm going to bring up is, that I've seen a lot of hatred spread across how the third season of Danny Phantom sucked. How everyone hates Sam because she's not the same as she was in season 1 or 2 (or just hating her in general). Butch Hartman “pushed down” Danny and Sam romance down the fans throats. Tucker becomes more of a secondary character than a main character. And people were P.O. with Valerie not getting enough screen time after Flirting with Disaster or D-stabilized (and not ending up with Danny, since it was cliché that the best friends ended up together).

I've also seen how many people abuse Mr. Hartman's characters and stooping to such low levels, it fries my brain and burns my eyes.

What do you think of all that? What is your opinion on all that?

1. Did you think the final season (season 3) "sucked"?
2.Did you hate Phantom Planet?
3. Do you think Mr. Hartman pushed Danny and Sam down our throats?
4. Do you think the other characters didn't get enough screen time? (Ex. Jazz, Valerie, Dash, Paulina, Star, Tucker, Mr. & Mrs. Fenton, Lancer, the ghosts)
5. How do you feel that people are drawing Danny as gay, scary as in psycho-bloody-scary, angst-y, or very mature content such as pornography?
6. How do you determine whose a fan and who is a "real" fan?
7. Do you think Sam Manson is a hypocrite?
8. Do you think in Phantom Planet that Sam only liked Danny for his powers?

I think I mentioned also in a post on your wall a few years back that I read your comments while looking at your art. It opened my eyes to fan-brats who think Danny belongs to them or thinks of him as some kind of object or object of pleasure. Which is really sad, if you think about it. Turning a character or a person into an object for selfishness reasons.

I just agree with a lot of what you stand for and believe in. It's cool you don't back down to people who try to. Like I said before very classy thing of you to do. Not only because of your respectful but you don't try to force what people like what you like. Which I saw when I read your comments standing up to people who are trying to belittle you, your friends, or you favorite characters and cartoons.

I swear there needs to be more people like you in the IN. ANY. FANDOM.

The last thing I'm going to write is that I've been reading some awful stories. And I tried to give all of them a chance. The Valerie and Danny love stories all seem to like to bash Sam or her romance with Danny. The gay stories with Danny and his ghost half bore me to tears. And all the crazy pairings and other universes and out of characters just makes me want to stop looking at this fandom all together.

Very last thing. I promise! There's this author named MyAibou from Danny Phantom. I really liked her writing because another favorite author of mine liked her as well. So, I read her stuff and it was good. But then she started adding her head-canon and it got me pretty much stomping my feet, thinking, "what the hell is she doing!!"

Anyways, I wanted to ask if you could glance, skim or read her works. See if you agree or disagree with her ideas. I've been curious actually to see if it would clash with your likes of canon. Since you’re a "canon-warrior". Not all of her stories, but just these seven. I’m just curious of what you’d think if you read it.

I arrange them by how long they are:

1. Ghost in the Closet (very long)
2. The Lunch Club (very short)
3. His and Hers (very long)
4. About Dang Time (short)
5. Tales from the Phantom Planet (medium)
6. Clueless (short)
7. Turning Tables (short)

Okay I lied. One. More. Thing.

What do you feel was the main lesson being taught or message being brought up in "Double Cross My Heart"? What do you think was the premise of the episode? Was Sam rebounding on another guy, or did she really like Elliot (Gregor) other than Danny? And what do you think of Sam getting upset with Danny for spying on her, when she did the same with him on his dates with Valerie?

Do you personally think Danny and Sam are that couple that is going fizzle after they dated while in high school, after high school, or become so much more when they’re older? Such as get married and have kids? Or do all that and then get divorced?

Also just personally asking, do you think it's a stupid idea to write a letter to Hartman and ask similar questions I'm asking you about? I always wondered what his opinion on this would be. I think it’d be cool. Or get some real fans and have a bunch of them and ask them to write one question per person to Hartman and politely ask if he had the time to answer them.

Wow! I sure asked and wrote a lot of questions, huh? I've been always curious about these questions and if I had the time and patience to write them all down and send it to you via Well, I did. Yay, me!

Thank you for taking the time and patience for reading over this, if you read this.

You are a talented artist and writer and I think any creator of a series is so lucky to have you as fan. I certainly would if I had you as one. I just want to thanks for having your work making me smile so much with all the mishaps I’ve had in the last few years.
icantunloveyou Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg where did you get your webcam? I NEED IT. XD
Firestar9mm Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
My webcam was made by and graciously given to me by the awesome goodbeast WhiteGryphon. Isn't it great? :)
icantunloveyou Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely! :D
Claire-Wesker1 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the fav :hug:
Super-Sav-Berry Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
Sorry I just had to let you know your my HERO! [link] I've been a fan of Danny Phantom since it came out. And then I found about Deviantart and Fanfiction.

Anyways to the point, I get into a funk or super pissed about things I didn't like on either site. And just looking at your art and reading your stories helps wash those feelings down the drain. Dang, I can't find one of those relaxed emotion-cons. You seriously made me relax in that fandom, than being an angry fan-brat. Thank you for that. I go back to look over your work. Why? Because I need a little reminder every now and then.

P.S. I was really super shy to say anything before, so I basically psyched myself up until now. I'm still hestitating on pressing the "Add Comment".

Straight to the point. I. Love. Your. Work.

It be really cool if you replied back. But... if your super freaked out about all this, I totally understand.
Firestar9mm Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Well, what a lovely thing to say! *^_^* I understand completely about getting into a mood because we're emotionally invested in our fandoms (when I watched the end of Robotech back in the 90s I was depressed for an entire week) and I can't tell you what it means to me to hear that my work makes someone smile. It makes ME smile to create it, so I'm glad whenever someone's nice enough to tell me they enjoy it!

Thank you, thank you for your kindness! *^_^*
Super-Sav-Berry Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
Oh! Thanks for the reply back. That makes me happy! I just wanted to say thanks for the stories and art. Your a very classy artist. Your professionalism and your comments got to me, as well, as your art and stories. It said a "WHOLE" lot.

I just really love how you stood up to anyone who was rude or talking horribly about your favorite characters. I'm pretty sure any cartoon that's a friend of yours would be honored to be your friend.

Um... well got to head to work.(typing this before I head out) But it be cool to hear about your art and stories. I'm very interested. And the b.s. you had to deal with when in the Danny Phantom fandom.

Thanks again for the reply. I really hope to hear from you. (Hopefully soon!)
Super-Sav-Berry Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
Wow. If you write something, just anything I'd be happy to see that. I hope your creative juices in that noggin of yours works like this little emoticon. :pc: I look forward to reading your work if you decide to post. :fingerscrossed: Thanks for taking your time and responding.
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